🪓 How does Axe Throwing work?
Our structure is made up of 7 alleys, separated by metal fencing on the sides and ceiling, with a target at the end, and a score table 2m behind. 
Throwers are 4m from the 1m wide target.
The axes weigh between 600gr and 1kg, and can be thrown with 1 or 2 hands.
With a simple movement, and not needing much strength, you can score between 1 and 8 points.

🪓 How does a session unfold? How long should we come for?
All sessions start with a 5 minute training on safety and game rules, and 5 minutes to warm up and understand how to throw.
We then move on to our long list of fun and competitve games. Our team will be with you during the session to suggest different games and help you with your throw (because we aren't all born with Viking DNA!). 
We adapt the session to your preferences.


In 1h, you can do more or less 4 games from our long list. With our longer sessions, you can discover our X Pack and several trickshots.
"It's our first time, is 1h enough?". 99% of our customers have never thrown and axe before. Nevertheless time is often found to go to fast once you get the hang of it.
As long as your lane is available, you can extend your session (to improve your throw or take your revenge!).

🪓 Is it safe?
Absolutely! You simply need to respect the rules that are explained to you at the beginning of your session.
The throwing lanes are separated with fencing (so that you can still see your neighbour's shot!), and spectator/non-thrower zones are clearly marked.

🪓 Are there any restrictions on age or number of people?

Children : Axe throwing is authorised for children 10+ years old.

Children under 10 can come as spectators.

A legal guardian must be present.

AXERS has 7 lanes, with a 3 person capacity ; meaning a total of 21 players simultaneously.
We can welcome larger groups. More info on our Groups page.

🪓 Do I need to wear any particular gear?
Come as your are ! We simply require flat closed shoes.

🪓 What payment methods do you accept?
Reservations : Visa & Mastercard online, Twint by contacting us.
On site : all debit and credit cards, TWINT, Google Pay, Apple Pay, cash and AXERS gift cards.
We are also part of the WIR Bank network.

🪓 How can I book and cancel?
To book, we recommend that you do it online, but you can also phone or come see us.
You can cancel a session, however refunds won't be available if you cancel less than 24 hours before your session time, or 48 hours for groups of 7+.

🪓 Do you have anything to eat or drink?
Yes ! We have an extensive drinks menu, 100% local and including a selection of 20 beers, and some snacks.
You can also also simply come to have a drink on our mezzanine, without any obligation to pay for an axe session.